Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Luxury Ocean Front Condos have never been so Affordable!

Luxury Ocean Front Condos have never been so Affordable!
Greetings from the beach! This email is to make sure that you’re aware of the current opportunity with the Dreamscape Condos located at the Southern tip of Ocean Shores. Fourteen units are now being offered as Short Sales ~ meaning that the owners are now offering them for less than what is owed to the bank. This is a great opportunity that will not last.

Guaranteed Bottom Prices!
These new LOW prices do not include furnishings or other past incentives and are subject to deed release by the bank. We are guaranteed a 5 day response to each buyer if the offer is at least full list price. Buyers can still make offers at less than list price. These will be reviewed by the bank and a response is guaranteed within 10 days.

This is it! There has never been a better Time to Buy!
These are rock bottom crazy prices! Getaway and relax while watching ships, whales and fishing boats from the comfort of your own private retreat just seconds from miles and miles of pristine beaches. The views are truly amazing.

Changes & Updates
> New Konecto flooring in certain units. This new flooring lessens noise heard from surrounding units and has been a huge welcome!
> A brand new Storefront has been added to the entire condo. This new enclosure keeps the wind and rain out of the walkways and tower areas and has been welcomed by all current owners and visitors. It has also enhanced the overall value of the building and individual ownership of each condo unit.

Active Price List (09/10/09)
Unit 303 - $178,420 ~ original price $319,000
Unit 405 - $198,244 ~ original price $339,000
Unit 406 - $208,681 ~ original price $319,000
Unit 404 - $208,309 ~ original price $309,000
Unit 207 - $218,148 ~ original price $319,000
Unit 402 - $208,193 ~ original price $309,000
Unit 403 - $207,885 ~ original price $309,000
Unit 505 - $238,617 ~ original price $359,000
Unit 506 - $237,814 ~ original price $379,000
Unit 208 - $243,670 ~ original price $309,000
Unit 502 - $238,119 ~ original price $379,000
Unit 503 - $238,433 ~ original price $349,000
Unit 408 - $268,914 ~ original price $389,000
Unit 507 - $278,539 ~ original price $409,000

Don't Wait Any Longer
Dreamscape offers one of the last affordable view properties on the Pacific Northwest Coast. Each home has unparalleled views of the Pacific Ocean, the Jetty, Olympic Mountains, Westport nightscape, stunning sunsets and pristine beaches.

For sales inquiries, please contact
Ric Canfield at 360.593.4266
Jeff Daniel at 360.581.9020
Coldwell Banker Ocean Beach Properties

749 Point Brown Ave NW
PMB 1568, Ocean Shores, WA 98569
360.289.3111 (fax)