Thursday, December 27, 2007

Great White Shark Hoax

Nasty pics and story make for a Great White Shark hoax(Large Shortfin Mako Taken Just Off Yarmouth Harbour, Southwestern Nova Scotia, Canada Comparing the size of the sharks head & mouth to the guy standing beside it, one can quickly appreciate what would happen if one of these phanthoms of the deep grabbed you whilst in the water Carla Allen, Transcontinental Media.)

There is a good story that has been circulated on the Internet about a large Great White Shark that towed a vessel backwards after being tail looped. The story, a hoax, is posted below. In fact the photographs (above and below) are of a large short-fin Mako shark that was captured off of Nova Scotia.

The close up of the sharks head and mouth clearly show lower dentition that is narrow and pointed, which are characteristics of the Mako shark, unlike the broad, somewhat triangularly serrated teeth of a white shark.Ralph S. Collier, of the Shark Research Committee has kindly provided the link to the Urban Legends page outlining this particular hoax entitled Yarmouth, Nova Scotia: Urban Legend based on This Years Shark Scramble Catch.

More images of the real event are to be found at the Florida Museaum of Natural History Ichthyology Department and this provided by a Surfersvillage visitor after noticing the hoax story..... Thank you Anonymous.

So the foregoing are the facts, and the following is the HOAX;

Ocean Shores' Great White Shark

Ocean Shores Wa. USA - While the ocean vessel 'Dawn Raider' was commercial fishing for dogfish, this Great White was hooked in the mouth but only resisted slightly for 15 minutes before it came up alongside the boat to have a look; long enough for one of the crew members to slip a rope around it's tail !!! 'And that's when the s**t hit the fan!!.

The Shark took off towing the 42 foot fishing boat backwards through the water at about 7 Knots. Just like in JAWS, the boat was taking on water over the stern and the crew watched in horror as the shark would actually jump completely out of the water at times. This went on for an hour before the shark finally drowned.Ocean Shores Great White on displayShe weighed in at 1035 LBS. It is suspected she followed a weak El Nino current into local waters in search of food. Although mid 60 deg. water is considered ideal for these sharks, the larger ones can tolerate water in the low 50s.
(second photo by Carla Allen)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007 Newsletter 12.2007

Wintertime at the Beach
Another winter, another storm. No big deal. To summarize on the last storm we had a couple of weeks ago on December 2nd - Ocean Shores held up just fine. We had some wind, some rain and a couple of poorly built houses got wet. The only damage that we really had was at the South end of town at Damon Point and the Jetty area. Two houses that I saw both had water damage and both of those houses had their foundations built below street level. Not a good idea. Other than that, a couple trees blew down and that's about it.

The bad part is that we lost our power for five days. We lost it because of a downed BPA transmission line in Aberdeen that was the cause of 90 percent of the power outages in Grays Harbor County. Other than not having power, no big deal. Oh, I didn't get to take a shower for five days and that really stunk. Or was it me who stunk?

During this past storm, I received numerous emails from folks who were concerned about the status of their properties here in Ocean Shores and they couldn't seem to get a hold of any one here but me. My internet was up and I was able to update my websites and blogs with storm updates and pictures. I was also able to check out their properties and let them know that their houses were fine. For the future, please feel free to contact me to check on your properties as well. It was no problem and I sure hoped it provided some peace of mind for people.

On another note, the wintertime storms in Ocean Shores are awesome to watch and experience! Watching Mother Nature do her thing is truly a spectacular site. If you can, make your way down to the North Jetty next time we get a good winter storm. The power and impact of the large waves crashing against the jetty wall and spaying inland is truly something exciting to see. This is really one of my favorite times of the year in Ocean Shores.

Ocean Shores Storm Training 101
1. If you're going to have a residence in Ocean Shores, you need a gas powered generator.
2. Qwest is my telephone and internet provider. Qwest didn't lose service at all this past storm or the one before that in October. If you have telephone or internet through the cable company, you'll have nothing because the local cable company goes down as the power goes down.
3. If you have a generator, make sure you have full gas cans at home. I had 10 gallons in my garage beforehand and by the third day of the storm, I was driving around town with empty cans and a siphon hose in the back of my Avalanche. Make sure you have plenty of gas in storage at your house. The gas stations can't pump gas without power and there were times during the power outage where a lack of gas was a serious crisis.
4. If you don't have satellite for your television, you won't be able to watch the news or whatever. If you have cable, you'll have nothing because the local cable company goes down as the power goes down. I have service with the Dish Network and we were able to watch television like all was well (and it was!).
5. If you're going to own a store or a business in Ocean Shores and are set up to run it off of a generator when we do lose power, please make sure the system is air tight and won't leak carbon monoxide fumes inside your place of business and into the lungs of your employees and customers. Okedoke?

Real Estate Update
Inventory is down right now and that's a good thing for sellers. Here are some comparisons for July 2007 versus December 2007:
* In July, there were 747 Vacant Lots on the market ranging from $19,900 to $1,300,000. Currently there's 617 Vacant Lots on the market ranging from $19,500 to $12,500,000.
* In July, there were 287 Homes on the market ranging from $19,900 to $1,300,000. Currently there's 221 Homes on the market ranging from $59,900 to $1,500,000.
* In July, there were 71 Condos on the market ranging from $8,000 (timeshare) to $499,000. Currently there's 74 Condos on the market ranging from $6,995 (timeshare) to $650,000.

Upcoming Events
* One Beach of a Sale - Jan 12th
The Ocean Shores Chamber of Commerce is planning a brand new city-wide clearance and garage sale at the Convention Center that'll last all day. Shoppers will be searching out new and quality used items from residents and local antique dealers. In addition, there will be a bus available to take shoppers all around downtown for free. To request a booth, contact the Chamber at 360.289.2451. Space is limited to 60 booths.
* Antique & Collectible Show - Feb 9-10
The 6th Annual Ocean Shores Antique & Collectible Show will be held February 9th and 10th, 2008 at the Ocean Shores Convention Center. Huge event! Over eighty vendors offer a wide variety of antiques including dolls, glass, furniture, American Art pottery, and much, much more. For a small donation to local charities and nonprofits, you can have your treasures evaluated. New this year will be a certified quilt appraiser. Hourly Door Prizes include a Weekend Get-Away Package for two, provided by the Quinault Beach Resort & Casino.
* Beachcombers Fun Fair - March 1-2
21st Annual event features exhibits, seminars, information booths, vendors, a kids science fair Saturday morning plus beach walks on Sunday morning.

* Third Razor Clam Dig of the Season is this Weekend.
Just in time for Christmas, state Fish and Wildlife officials have announced a razor clam dig on evening tides at four Washington ocean beaches, starting Dec. 21. The digs are scheduled at Twin Harbors, Long Beach, Copalis and Mocrocks beaches on Dec. 21 and 22.
* City Manager Fired
Citing a voter-approved change in government that would eliminate his position, the Ocean Shores City Council terminated City Manager Rich McEachin recently. He'll be given a year's salary in a lump sum - $99,600 - and will be covered by medical and dental insurance for a year. The termination is effective Jan. 10.
* Recent City Council Candidate puts House on the Market.
City councilmember Terry Veitz recently ran for reelection. After losing the election, the councilmember put the house on the market. If you can't beat 'em, move away?
* The Wave of the Future
Great article recently in Aberdeen's Daily World focusing on the proposed wind and wave energy installations off of the coast of Ocean Shores and Westport. The Seattle-based tidal power research company has applied for federal permits to build one of the world's largest wind and wave energy farms just a few miles off of our coast. Click HERE to read the entire story.

All the Best to You and Yours This Holiday Season!

Jeff Daniel
Designated Broker
Coldwell Banker Ocean Beach Properties749 Point Brown Ave NW, Ocean Shores, WA 985691.360.581.9020 (cell) - 1.888.469.3100 (toll free)PROPERTY SEARCH:

Monday, December 10, 2007

Feng Shui Tip and News

by Kathy Mann - Feng Shui Consultant, Author, Educator
Flowing with Feng Shui As we transition into the holiday season, the winter season and the new year, we can use Feng Shui to flow with new energies. The changes we experience affect all our senses, and all aspects of our lives.

The changes can be dramatic and subtle. All around us change is occurring significantly. Sunlight and climate variations influence us each day. Home décor makeovers to show the holiday spirit, create another vast change from the norm. Landscape changes and many exterior of homes are decorated. Smells, aromas and fragrances all around us change. Your schedule changes with parties, many people have extra work for several weeks, other business slack off with little regular work to be done. Busyness can keep people on edge. Festivities and food are everywhere you look.

All the energy, (chi) around us is different. When you consider all of this, the season brings about a substantial shift in your life, in your Feng Shui. Adjusting to these changes all at once may be a bit jarring.

So, how do we create some sense of balance, harmony and peace in this energetic gear shift? Keep some things constant, familiar and nurturing. Your bedroom is the best place to keep yourself grounded and calm. Make sure your Feng Shui is the best it can be here. Get back to basics. Bed position is crucial. Make sure you are in the commanding position. Use your very best sheets. Have your art and décor soothing, beautiful and relaxing for you are your partner/spouse/significant other. Avoid using this space to store items, extra furniture moved about or your entire gift wrapping.

This is still your space to rest, rejuvenate and make love. Keep it that way. Use calming aromas to give you extra rest this time of year. I make a blend of lavender, ylang ylang and bergamot. There are so many choices you can use. Place fresh flowers in your bedroom and your bathroom. Play calming soothing music in both these rooms while you use them.

In the rest of your home, be mindful of clutter. It may be challenging but try not to over do it. Less is more. Beauty and balance can easily be achieved. Make sure all your common pathways are smooth. If you have to move your body to accommodate decorations, your items need to be moved, not you. So avoid doing an obstacle course anywhere in your home during this season. Really step back and see how much you can visually see and enjoy. Less is more. You will see the beauty and enjoy more if you are not overwhelmed by dozens and dozens in a small space.

When you are taking out your holiday decorations and when you are putting them back, see what you really do not need or can use anymore. Let go. Give away or sell those items that relate to the holiday and those items stored away near these items. I find that if you haven't used this stored stuff in a year or two or three, chances are very likely you no longer need or desire to do so. Let go. Make room for more positive energy in the PRESENT and the near future.

Enjoy all the season has to offer. Balance your schedule. Give yourself enough time to rest, continue to exercise, pray, meditate and all activities that give you a joyful peace in life. If this means a little less time at a party, you can give yourself that gift of balance. Only you know your limits.

If you do not normally have red around your front door, this is a great time of year to enjoy that. Feel the red. See how it is a wonderful color to make your front door appealing and attractive. You may consider adding this color all year round. Flow with Feng Shui this holiday season.

Friday, December 07, 2007

The Power is On!

All things normal at the beach. Thank you.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

New Pics of the new Damon Point

My camera battery died after a few pics, but here's a few pictures of Damon Point. Can't wait to surf it tomorrow. Looks great. Other than the changes at Damon Point, most of Ocean Shores is just fine and will be a lot better once we get power. Take care,

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Recent Storm

Ocean Shores has held up quite well during the recent storm minus a couple houses near the jetty, a few roofs near the jetty and Damon State Park. Our biggest problem out here on the coast is the complete lack of power. We don't know when it will be back. But, other than that, things are fine out here on the beach. I've taken a few pics below that will show you a. why you need to make sure your foundation elevation needs to be above street level, b. why vinyl siding isn't all that great (unless it's properly installed), c. why portable buildings need to be built on foundations and d. why you need to make sure that your roof shingles are installed correctly.

The last house here is a new house that I'm selling and it's about to close. This house is only 3 lots from the jetty and suffered no damage at all. Notice that it has a 50 mph roof on it, hardie plank siding, vinyl windows and the foundation/driveway are all above street level.

What a Real Estate Agent Knows that you Might Not.

What a Real Estate Agent Knows that you Might Not.

When you make the decision to sell your home, you are under no obligation to hire a real estate agent or broker to help you with the sale. Nonetheless, most people prefer to hire a real estate agent in order to better protect themselves. And, it also puts them in a better position to successfully sell the home in a short amount of time.

When you hire a real estate agent, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge that can help keep you out of trouble and will help provide for a smooth transaction. Here are just a few things your real estate agent knows that you probably do not.

The Federal Fair Housing Act
According to the Federal Fair Housing Act, you cannot discriminate against someone when selling a home. The act defines seven different classes of people who are protected against discrimination. These include:

national origin
familial status
If you do not enlist in the help of a real estate agent, you put yourself at risk of violating this act if you refuse to sell your home to an interested buyer who may be in a protected class. In addition, you might even accidentally violate these laws without realizing it. For example, there are certain words that cannot be included in your advertisements for your home because they are in violation of the Fair Housing Laws. Some of these words include:

bachelor apartment
children welcome
gentleman's farm
golden agers
mother-in-law quarters
singles only

As you can see, some of these terms seem perfectly innocent. Therefore, it is a good idea to get the help of a real estate agent so you can tap into his or her knowledge and experience in order to stay out of trouble.

State Real Estate Laws
Although there are similarities in real estate laws from one state to the next, each state has its own set of rules that must be followed. If you do not understand these laws, or are unaware of these laws, you can inadvertently break the law when selling your home. In addition, by not being fully aware of your seller's rights, you might actually lose out on money during the transaction.

Taking Advantage of Connections
Aside from legal matters, a real estate agent simply has a vast number of connections making it possible to sell a home more quickly and for a higher asking price. Similarly, because people come to real estate agents when searching for homes, you are able to tap into a much larger market of interested buyers when you get the help of a real estate agent.

Because a real estate agent has experience with selling homes, he or she can also provide you with tips to help increase the market value of your home and to make the process go by more quickly. For example, small things such as painting a room a different color can go a long way when it comes to increasing the appeal of the home. By taking advantage of the agent's expertise, you just might have a much more profitable selling experience.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Jeff Daniel (Coldwell Banker Ocean Beach Properties): Real Estate Agent in Ocean Shores, Grays Harbor County, Washington Newsletter 11.2007

Ocean Shores Real Estate Update
October '07 versus October '06 in Ocean Shores
29 homes sold in October 2006 for an average sales price of $207,778 or $145 selling price per square foot versus 25 Homes sold in October 2007 for an average sales price of $204,818 or $152 selling price per square foot.
23 Lots sold in October 2006 for an average sales price of $50,217 versus 17 Lots sold in October 2007 for an average sales price of $35,929.
6 Condos sold in October 2006 for an average sales price of $151,575 or $137 selling price per square foot versus 2 Condos sold in October 2007 for an average sales price of $314,000 or $291 selling price per square foot.

Conclusion: In this one-month snap shot, sales are down, values are down and Ocean Shores, like most of the rest of the country, isn't exempt from the recent housing downturn. However, if you take a leisurely drive around Ocean Shores, you'll find over 100 new homes being built, over 700 new condos are being built, hundreds of lots are being cleared and new businesses are steadily opening in the downtown core. Additionally, the City has issued over 171 single family home building permits to date for 2007. That's three more than last year at this time and this year is on track to be the second highest year of permits issued on record. Clearly Ocean Shores is still in the early phase of it's development and even though sales are down, the market here hasn't lost much momentum at all.

Statistics not compiled or published by the NWMLS. Statistics are based upon data provided by the NWML and compiled by Jeff Daniel of Coldwell Banker Ocean Beach Properties.

Seabrook Still on the Rise.
Once again, Seabrook continues to buck the slow down in housing due to strong fundamentals and is on pace to double sales in 2007 over 2006 numbers. Seabrook's incredible beach and breathtaking views are really the icing on the cake of a well designed town where the attention to detail is unlike anything in the Northwest. The limited supply of quality places like this within a short drive from Seattle is the cornerstone of Seabrook. Click "HERE" to see a Seabrook Home Listing.

Hogan's Corner Resort?
A Hogan's Corner resort that would feature a golf course, a hotel with an indoor water park and a condominium complex was given preliminary approval by the Grays Harbor County Commissioners recently. No the developers are in the process of finding a buyer for the $12.75 million dollars project just outside of Ocean Shores. The Planned Unit Development envisions in addition to the golf course, hotel, water park and condos, a residential component that could accommodate as many as 504 residences. Some 50,000 square feet of commercial space is also planned on the 542 acres available for this project.

Upcoming Events
* Winter Fanta-Sea Craft Show - Nov 23-25
Over 70 arts and crafts booths feature thousands of unique handmade items just in time for the holidays at the Convention Center.
* Festival of Trees - Dec 3
Each year, local families, businesses & organizations decorate trees at the Ocean Shores Shilo Inn. Proceeds will benefit the Ocean Shores Food bank and the North Beach Senior Center.
* North Beach Singers Christmas Cantata - Dec 7-8
The North Beach Singers present Yuletide favorites to bring in the holiday season at the Convention Center. Admission is free.
* One Beach of a Sale - Jan 12th
The Ocean Shores Chamber of Commerce is planning a brand new city-wide clearance and garage sale at the Convention Center that'll last all day. Shoppers will be searching out new and quality used items from residents and local antique dealers. In addition, there will be a bus available to take shoppers all around downtown for free. To request a booth, contact the Chamber at 360.289.2451. Space is limited to 60 booths.
* Antique & Collectible Show - Feb 9-10
6th annual Antique & Collectible show offers seminars, expert evaluation and over 80 booths at the Convention Center. Huge event!

* Election Results
Voters in Ocean Shores recently decided to reorganize under a new form of government. The new strong mayor form of government also means that the city will eventually add two council members. The current council will likely approve a resolution calling for a special primary election in March, followed by a General Election in April electing a new full-time mayor. It appears City Manager Rich McEachin would keep his job until a new mayor is elected. At that point, the City Manager position will likely no longer exist.
* City Manager Puts His House on the Market.
I guess you could put this into the above news brief, but city manager Rich McEachin put his house on the market this past week. I guess this is a sign he won't be running for mayor next spring...

* Second Razor Clam Dig of the Season is Near.
The second razor clam dig of the fall season will open Friday on evening tides at four beaches. Evening digs are scheduled at Twin Harbors, Long Beach, Copalis and Mocrocks on Friday and Saturday. Twin Harbors will stay open Sunday and Monday. Dan Ayres, coastal shellfish manager for the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, said he expects plenty of diggers to hit the beaches this weekend. "Holidays are a popular time for people to go clam digging," he said. "We do expect a larger crowd than might normally come out in November. And the weather report is looking favorable, so that will also mean more diggers." The next dig is scheduled for Friday, December 21st & Saturday, December 22nd.
* New Grocery Store Moves Forward in Ocean Shores
Sources tell me that the current ownership of the IGA has exercised their option to build a new grocery store in the downtown area bumping up against the Post Office, bordered by the liquor store and Alec's Restaurant. The new location is not fare from where the current IGA sits. The new building will more than double the total square footage from 18,000 sq ft to 40,000 sq ft which will provide many opportunities for growth and expanded areas in the meat, produce and deli departments as well as a in-store bank and the possibility of a new pharmacy. The store is currently waiting for an anticipated start date. Construction should take approximately 8 months.
* City Approves new Fire Station
The city council approved an $8 million, 25-year loan to finance the construction of a new fire station in Ocean Shores. The new building will be built on the Point Brown Avenue site next to the police station.
* Possible Shipwreck washes up in Ocean Shores
A mystery has washed up on the beaches of Ocean Shores - a possible shipwreck. Ocean Shores' Museum and Interpretive Center will take over the find, protect it, and try and find out just what ship the piece came from. The Museum's director says he'll consult with marine historians and naval architects. Historic drawings and how the piece was put together should be able to narrow down the time frame as to just how old this ship is, if it is in fact, a ship.
* Blog Crazy
I like blogs. They're easy to make. Here's a few of mine. Check them out sometime by clicking on the title below:
My Kayak Surfing Blog
My Ocean Shores Real Estate Blog
My Active Rain Blog
My Windows Spaces Blog

Did You Know
* Tourism Fact
Ocean Shores is the second most visited destination in Washington State? Boasting miles and miles of beaches, a golf course, casino, 23 miles of freshwater to explore and a marina, Ocean Shores is truly one of Washington's best getaways. Over 4 million people visit every year. has been updated and includes all of 2008's official events.

Check it out!

Jeff Daniel
Designated Broker
Coldwell Banker Ocean Beach Properties749 Point Brown Ave NW, Ocean Shores, WA 985691.
360.581.9020 (cell) - 1.888.469.3100 (toll free)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Real Estate 101: Top Tips to Improving Your Home

If you are trying to sell your home, you will want to take a few steps to improve it in order to get the best price possible. By following these simple tips, you will be able to get a great price and to sell your home as quickly as possible.

Tip 1: Getting Natural
One of the quickest and easiest ways to improve the look of your home and to improve its value is to add a few flowers. Even if you are not an avid gardener, you can add a few flowers to make your home more appealing when homebuyers visit your property. Flowers are relatively inexpensive, easy to add and provide immediate results.
If you don't want to dig up your yard, you can simply place some flowers inside planter boxes. You can then place them on the porch, on the patio, in windowsills or anywhere else a little color would be a good idea. Some flowers that are quite attractive and easy to care for include:
Alyssum Marigolds Pansies Petunias Snapdragons These flowers are also pretty inexpensive and can be bought in trays. In fact, you can create an entire planter box - including the planter, soil and the flowers for less than $20. What's even better is you can take the planter boxes with you when you move, so you can dress up your new home right away!

Tip 2: Create a Grand Entrance
The entryway will be the first thing most people notice, as this is what leads them into your house. Therefore, you should give this area a bit of attention when improving your home. Your landscaping and outdoor design should make it clear where your front door is located and should help encourage visitors to move in this direction. Sometimes, simply painting the front door a different color is enough to boost its appeal. Many designers prefer to paint the front door a bright color and to place a large welcome mat in front of the door to help it stand out a little more. Creating an "outdoor foyer" of sorts can also help draw attention to the entryway. A strategically placed bench or potted plants can do wonders where this is concerned.

Tip 3: Update the Kitchen and Bathrooms
You don't have to completely gut your kitchen and bathrooms in order to get a great look. But, you should take steps to make sure they are both updated, because these rooms are the two biggest selling points to a home.
One way to quickly update a kitchen is to reface the cabinets. This is less expensive than installing completely new cabinetry and can provide great results. If your budget allows, you might install more up-to-date appliances as well. Changing the cabinetry or installing interesting lighting in a bathroom can go a long way toward improving the look of this room as well.
Making a few simple steps to improve your home can go a long way toward improving the value of your real estate. Even better, by making a few smart choices, these improvements do not have to cost you a great deal of money. Yet, they can help you dramatically increase the amount of money you receive when you do sell your home.-by Kinan Beck

Friday, October 05, 2007

Go Fly A Kite!

The American Kiteflyers Association is in town this weekend. There's over a 1,000 people down on the beach. Here are some pictures I took.