Saturday, December 16, 2006

Big Storm was overrated

Not everyone agrees with me, but the big storm that came in Thursday night wasn't that bad out here on the North beach. Yes, we did lose our power until Friday night, but overall, I thought the storm last January '06 was much worse.

The news kept saying there was going to be 35' waves. I never saw anything even close to that. Heck, the storms in November showed bigger waves down at the Jetty. In January, that storm was throwing huge logs over the jetty wall into the jetty front houses and the road was covered in sand and debris. Nothing this week....

A few houses around town did have some trees land on top of them (mainly near the golf course where the trees are tall) and there was a few homes near the jetty that did have some missing roof tiles (none of my listings or homes/condos that I've sold by the way). Good job to my builders. :) I did spend a couple of hours driving around fixing some of my signs that blew down, but again, it was nice not having the kid in school or having to work for the day and instead driving around, hanging with my fam and using up all of my zip ties fixing signs. I need to get something else to keep those signs together instead of zip ties...

All in all, things are back to normal around here except it's really cold at around 37 degrees. Oh, and the sun is coming out. Maybe I'll go surfing later. Nah, too cold and I've got a listing appointment at 2. Late,