Monday, December 18, 2006

Trash Pickup Mandatory?

Oh boy I can't believe my eyes. The city has made it official and they are requiring all home and business owners in the City of Ocean Shores to have trash collection and removal.

Can you say "lawsuit?" I've already heard the rumors....

The gist of the law is that if you have a fulltime or partime house here, you have to have LeMay Enterprises Inc. (which is a privately owned company in Pierce County who is behind the push to have a car museum in Tacoma) provide you with a trash can and you have to pay them for the service-whether you use it or not.

If you have a lot, you don't have to have trash service. But, if you have a camping lot and you are camping on it, you have to purchase a trash bag per each five days you camp on your lot. The bags are white and have the City's logo on them. You purchase them from the police department when acquiring your camping permit or at the Permit Center. When you are done camping, you put the trash bag in the trash receptacle located at the Permit Center (first building North of the Gas station on Point Brown Ave.).

So, there you go. Don't forget to call LeMay at 360.533.1251. Oh, and if you currently aren't using LeMay for trash service, don't worry. They will contact the City's Code Enforcement Officer each month and relay which residents or businesses in town who do not have trash collection. Not having trash collection (even if you take your trash to the dump on your own-like me) is a violation of the ordinance.

Now I wonder what the City's going to do about all the trash cans that are knocked over during the wind storms and all the trash is blowing everywhere?