Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Recent Storm

Ocean Shores has held up quite well during the recent storm minus a couple houses near the jetty, a few roofs near the jetty and Damon State Park. Our biggest problem out here on the coast is the complete lack of power. We don't know when it will be back. But, other than that, things are fine out here on the beach. I've taken a few pics below that will show you a. why you need to make sure your foundation elevation needs to be above street level, b. why vinyl siding isn't all that great (unless it's properly installed), c. why portable buildings need to be built on foundations and d. why you need to make sure that your roof shingles are installed correctly.

The last house here is a new house that I'm selling and it's about to close. This house is only 3 lots from the jetty and suffered no damage at all. Notice that it has a 50 mph roof on it, hardie plank siding, vinyl windows and the foundation/driveway are all above street level.