Monday, December 10, 2007

Feng Shui Tip and News

by Kathy Mann - Feng Shui Consultant, Author, Educator
Flowing with Feng Shui As we transition into the holiday season, the winter season and the new year, we can use Feng Shui to flow with new energies. The changes we experience affect all our senses, and all aspects of our lives.

The changes can be dramatic and subtle. All around us change is occurring significantly. Sunlight and climate variations influence us each day. Home décor makeovers to show the holiday spirit, create another vast change from the norm. Landscape changes and many exterior of homes are decorated. Smells, aromas and fragrances all around us change. Your schedule changes with parties, many people have extra work for several weeks, other business slack off with little regular work to be done. Busyness can keep people on edge. Festivities and food are everywhere you look.

All the energy, (chi) around us is different. When you consider all of this, the season brings about a substantial shift in your life, in your Feng Shui. Adjusting to these changes all at once may be a bit jarring.

So, how do we create some sense of balance, harmony and peace in this energetic gear shift? Keep some things constant, familiar and nurturing. Your bedroom is the best place to keep yourself grounded and calm. Make sure your Feng Shui is the best it can be here. Get back to basics. Bed position is crucial. Make sure you are in the commanding position. Use your very best sheets. Have your art and décor soothing, beautiful and relaxing for you are your partner/spouse/significant other. Avoid using this space to store items, extra furniture moved about or your entire gift wrapping.

This is still your space to rest, rejuvenate and make love. Keep it that way. Use calming aromas to give you extra rest this time of year. I make a blend of lavender, ylang ylang and bergamot. There are so many choices you can use. Place fresh flowers in your bedroom and your bathroom. Play calming soothing music in both these rooms while you use them.

In the rest of your home, be mindful of clutter. It may be challenging but try not to over do it. Less is more. Beauty and balance can easily be achieved. Make sure all your common pathways are smooth. If you have to move your body to accommodate decorations, your items need to be moved, not you. So avoid doing an obstacle course anywhere in your home during this season. Really step back and see how much you can visually see and enjoy. Less is more. You will see the beauty and enjoy more if you are not overwhelmed by dozens and dozens in a small space.

When you are taking out your holiday decorations and when you are putting them back, see what you really do not need or can use anymore. Let go. Give away or sell those items that relate to the holiday and those items stored away near these items. I find that if you haven't used this stored stuff in a year or two or three, chances are very likely you no longer need or desire to do so. Let go. Make room for more positive energy in the PRESENT and the near future.

Enjoy all the season has to offer. Balance your schedule. Give yourself enough time to rest, continue to exercise, pray, meditate and all activities that give you a joyful peace in life. If this means a little less time at a party, you can give yourself that gift of balance. Only you know your limits.

If you do not normally have red around your front door, this is a great time of year to enjoy that. Feel the red. See how it is a wonderful color to make your front door appealing and attractive. You may consider adding this color all year round. Flow with Feng Shui this holiday season.